RevelTouch is technology innovator in field of mobile e-commerce with their Merchandising Suite product which is touch-optimized shopping experience for the tablet. We have developed custom analytic reporting solution for mobile application. This project included development of web reporting server that allows data extraction, processing and storing to NoSQL solution.


IDDEEA is the government organization responsible for storing data required for processing citizens’ identification numbers, identity cards, drivers’ licenses, biometric passports, vehicle registrations, and other identification documents in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina (HJPC of BiH) is a state institution working to establish independent, unbiased and professional judiciary in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Council is an independent body of Bosnia and Herzegovina and has the capacity of legal entity.


BiH largest online newspaper digital archive. With over a million stored texts and continued growth, INFOBIRO is the first and most significant Bosnian internet resource with searchable documents.


Inspired by Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a web-shop of carefully curated products that promotes and connects traditional production with contemporary approaches to design. All products at 1080 are hand-selected and meet strict criteria of artisanal production. We stand behind our goods, as well as the makers, artists, designers, craftsmen and craftswomen behind them. Meet the team of writers, designers and developers behind 1080, read about unique, centuries old crafts, collaborations, and become a part of community of those who value integrity and quality.

Digital Magics & Telecom Italia - SingRing

SingRing is a platform for the digital entertainment in the music field, based on a lyrics database, vocal tracks and instrumental synchronized bases. The idea of this project was to develop Online Karaoke Platform with possibilities to play, sing, record and merge user's voice with karaoke music. The platform is both social and entertainment platform that allows user to search the largest database of legal lyrics with an emphasis on Italian repertoire. This platform was developed in such way to support transcoding, encoding and merging recorded video material to MP4 (H.264 codec) and it also allows registered users to vote and comment recorded video. It has already become a substantial to third business parties through web services which SingRing offers to other portals in Italy.


Oxfam is the fourth NGOs coalition in the world specialized in humanitarian aid and development projects. Oxfam Italia promotes the creation of bridges among territories enhancing relationships among different players in the South East Europe. The main sectors of intervention in Bosnia Herzegovina are: ecotourism and sustainable tourism, local economic development and institution building.


Bondaii is UK startup company trying to change the way we interact and make connections using our smart phones. We have developed Bondaii Central Server (BCS) as web service for mobile applications. Bondaii allows users to form relationships (bonds) independently of technology and devices. BCS was developed in order to support bonding process between subjects using mobile phones or other clients and allow user to perform geo-spatial search. BCS holds and administers central database, provides server functions and an interface for clients and web access.


OnCam is a free, web-based interactive broadcast and publishing platform that enables up to six people to video chat (via standard webcams found on laptops, desktops, iPhones, etc.), while over a million people watch and interact live. We have build video/audio processing solutions that merges any number of video chat participants into single video file that is published on major social networks.