Client and Server Side Development

Whether you need specialized, custom build software module or full blown enterprise ready web service in various domains, we are here to provide complete solutions. Java enterprise platform and other open source technologies are the technological backbone of our services in the field of software engineering. Please see list of other services and technologies that we use in development.

Big Data and Analytics

You have various kinds of data - structured coming from traditional RDBMS or unstructured text data. Your data volume is increasing at exponential growth and there is no end to it. You need to process large chunks of data in timely manner (sometimes near real-time). We can help you to integrate your data, process it and to extract some meaning out of it. Currently we are offering this service using technologies like Hadoop, Hive and MongoDB.


If you are looking for a traditional approach using a standard RDBMS, we can provide it. We have successfully implemented some of our projects using technology based on: Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL. Our main services are coming from many years of experience dealing with these technologies and include: installation, support, database tuning, query optimization, data and table's partitioning, indexing and more. Let us our work speaks for ourselves.


If you have need to search your data, no matter if that data is stored in raw text files or structured in some RDBMS or NoSQL solution and you want to combine location data with all this, we can help you develop custom search solution built on top of Apache Lucene and ElasticSearch technologies.

Mobile Development

We offer wide range of Android application development services, ranging from multimedia applications, social applications to highly specialized custom built businesses solutions.