When it comes to software development, most leading software companies now outsource their work. It is more convenient and cost-effective and allows focusing on other core functions of the business.

We at Olive make sure and believe that it is crucial that every project we take is completed professionally, on time and within agreed budget. That is why enterprises continue to work with us.

We provide high level of collaboration between us and our clients. We are experienced software partner with whom you can successfully collaborate with to develop customized software solutions as per your requirements.

Delivery & Implementation

  • Software Development Services
  • Team Managment
  • Quality Assurance


  • Java Platform Consulting
  • Enterprise system development in distrubed enviroments
  • Micro Services Development

Server Side Development in JAVA and Scala technology stack

Java and Scala are widely-used computer programming languages today. These technologies are simple, secure, and with high-performance. They are developed to fulfill the critical need for making application developments faster and seamless. By incorporating Java and Scala applications into digital landscapes, enterprises embrace disruption with confidence, strengthen the end-user experience, and boost business value. You can too while working with us, your future tech experts.

Big Data Analytics

With huge amount of data, businesses need to create environments that allow them to properly handle and understand it. Big data analytics is a crucial strategic element of doing just this. We’re enabling businesses worldwide to store, analyze, manage and process their data by using emerging technologies. We provide solutions to integrate your data using technologies like Hadoop, Hive and MongoDB. We ensure to facilitate processing, so our clients can utilize data in an efficient manner.


We have successfully implemented our projects using technology based on: Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL. Our main services are coming from many years of experience dealing with these technologies include: installation, support, database tuning, query optimization, data and table's partitioning, indexing and more.


We develop custom search solution built on top of Apache Lucene and ElasticSearch technologies.